Fitting the Side Window Glass

New side windows added to camper van

For my camper van conversion, I purchased a pair of fixed, privacy tinted side windows and a bonding kit. The glass is surprisingly easy to fit as it is bonded in place without the use of any glazing rubbers. The cut edge of the window opening is filed to remove and metal burr and the exposed metal is treated with rust proofer/primer.

The Dinotrol bonding kit comes complete with the adhesive/sealer, metal primer and adhesion promoter. The primer can be applied to the surface of the metal behind the glass. The adhesion promoter is applied over the primer once its dry and also to the inside of the glass surface where it meets the adhesive.

Applying the glass

With the glass prepared for fitting, a thick bead of Dinotrol is applied to the edge of the opening. It’s important to get a consistent bead of adhesive about 10mm thick around the entire opening. Make sure there’s no gaps in the bead and try to keep the thickness consistent so the glass sits evenly against the metal. The idea here is to press the glass into place and ideally, have the edges finish flush with the surrounding metalwork. When yOu place the glass into position, you have a couple of minutes to position it for a nice even gap all the way around. When you are happy with the position, just hold it in position for a few minutes to allow initial setting, the use some duct tape to hold everything in position while it sets permanently.

An extra pair of hands is useful for this job, as are a pair of suction cup handles, although these aren’t essential. I didn’t have them and didn’t encounter any problems. I took the precaution of putting an air mattress and blanket on the ground under the window on the off chance that I dropped the the glass, at least this would reduce the chances of breaking the window if I did.

Fitting the side windows in my camper conversion was much easier than I bargained for and didn’t take for than a few hours from start to finish. The windows transformed the look of the van and completely opened up the space inside and made it roomier and a much more pleasant space. This was one of the best investments I made in the camper van project and also one of the most satisfying to undertake.

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